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Our move in August could have been quite easy. After all, my husband and I are almost “relocation” experts. Our business, helping people get rid of junk before moving and the fact – I myself have moved many times, he is many times too. But only into a large space. Because this time we were moving from a bigger house to a small house we purchased. We would never have thought about how much more elaborate it is to organize a relocation and downsize. Anyway, everything worked out well. We have already established our new house after a short time Boy do we feel really comfortable with it.

Without our junk removal expertise, however, we would not have succeeded. We have also commissioned our Junk Removal truck, for dump runs as well as moving our big furniture. 

In addition to the many tips we have read in the run-up to the move, some have been particularly helpful during the big day. I would like to share it with you – maybe you can use it.

Move boxes with colored labels

To make it easier for myself and our helpers, I chose a different paper color for each room and printed the room names on the labels before packing.

Important when taping: Stick all pieces of paper on the same side so that you can read them well when stacking. We chose the short side and this worked quite well.

What happened to me afterward: I had planned too many boxes for our future small kitchen, which could not be stacked in there. So consider a strategy for such cases when packing.

 Get rid of junk before moving

This is where our junk removal expertise really came in handy. We started removing our junk weeks before the move. This included sorting through items and boxes we had not unpacked since our last move. We took multiple trips to the Goodwill. As Dupree did jobs we would add donatable items to the truck if there was room. The more junk we got rid of the more we could organize the rest of our move.

Place screws and furniture particles in labeled zip bags in ONE place

You know this for sure: as soon as the move is complete, you are desperately looking for the small metal nubs that hold the shelves in the bookcase. And where are they? So go back to Ikea and get a replacement, while at home you could actually continue to clear boxes. In order to save you the trouble, just pack the items in a zip bag and unpack it when needed. By the way, we marked the holes in the shelf with thick wax pens of our children, so that after the move, we did not have to think twice about the ideal spacing between the boards.

Our zipped bags, by the way, were stored in our toolbox, which we looked after, like our eyeball, and it was always on the go anyway.

Lable furniture and individual parts

I thought I was all ready to move, but on moving day all the furniture were still assembled and boxes not packed. This was stressful. On the morning of the move, everything should be ready to carry.

For all other furniture and items, there is a good trick: tape on each part a double layer of masking tape and write what it is and in which room the part belongs. Later during the move, no one has to ask and it goes much faster. Double, by the way, because you do not push the color of the marker on the wood. We do not want that, right?

Let There Be Light

You may not have (all) lamps installed on the evening of the move. In order to still have enough light and to continue working in the dawn, one or two lanterns with sufficient light output are recommended. You can easily plug them into any outlet and then remove and screw them into the outlets of any room. This is personally very handy.

Emergency bag

It has proven worthwhile packing a bag with the most important things you need the first two days for all family members. From underpants to toothbrushes, everything is together. And please do not forget to pack a hair brush, toilet paper or toothpaste. So you can start relaxed at night on and do not have to look dead tired in the evening after the much sought after toothpaste. Here are my tips for the emergency bag:

  • Toothbrushes and laundry
  • Clothes for day and night wear
  • Shoes and socks
  • Raincoats
  • Medication (fever, headache) and bandage

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Room planning

Before you move, you should measure the most important rooms and start the planning of the furniture. If you have recorded the floor plan of your house or apartment on paper, it is easier to distribute furniture realistically. If the planning is complete, apply a piece of paper with masking tape to the respective place in the room for each piece of furniture. This helps you or your helpers put everything in the right place when it is time. This also prevents 20 heavy cartons from being moved aside before you can place a single bookcase.

Select the correct moving box

In another article, I read recently how helpful it is to use banana carton relocation. I did that once as a student, but today after many further moves, I think professional moving boxes are simply the best choice for a move. Why?

  • Stacked optimally in the truck by standard dimensions (consuming less space)
  • Wear well (reinforced carrying handles)
  • rarely tear when properly loaded
  • They can be reused or used for storing. 

We have used these small moving boxes especially for books and records but otherwise, the standard boxes work best. 

Create a place for the most important things

Especially in the hustle and bustle of a move, it is important to find essential items such as keys, mobile phones, purses and papers again and again. It is, therefore, all the more important to immediately define a new place where these things lie. This saves you a lot of stress and time that you would otherwise spend with searches.

I had to feel painful even when my key in the new house was not found. I learned my lesson from it. The key box hangs. ?

Food planning

Nothing is better for the morale when moving than enough tasty food. We planned ahead took  care of food preparation, make sure we had have enough. Question beforehand how many vegetarian (or vegan) meals are desired. Never underestimate the hunger of your helpers and think of (chilled) drinks.

We ordered for the relocated cakes at the butcher and early morning picked up. For lunch, I had pre-cooked Chilli Con Carne (spicy / not hot) and frozen – that is, of course, only if you have a stove on the day of the move, on which you can make the food hot.

And with the drinks, I ignored my eco-conviction for the day. I bought individual bottled waters.  Large bottles and glasses work so badly on such a day.

Another Idea: Before the move finds the number to a goopizza delivery. 

We had three weeks in which we already had the key to the new house but still lived in the old one. At this time, handymen were in the new house and we have already prepared some things ourselves. It was a lifesaver to have a basic toolbox, the drill and important tapes etc.  always left in the car. We could access it at either house, no matter where a shelf should be screwed apart or a lamp should be mounted.

And if you do not have enough now, I can recommend the following articles with moving tips for further reading:

Did you do something that turned out to be helpful in your last move? Leave a comment with your best tips on our Facebook Page.  I will summarize all the comments in an extra post.

With kind regards