3 Benefits to De-Junking Your Yard

Do you find it difficult to throw things away and your collection has overflowed into your yard? Or maybe you’re cleaning up someone else’s collection. In either case, if there is a lot of junk outside of your home and business, it really needs to be eliminated. Not convinced? Here are some things to think about.

Improved Peace of Mind

You probably think about it every day when you walk past it. You know it needs to go. But the task seems insurmountable. Believe it or not, it can be done. You can tackle it bit by bit, or you can hire a professional to sort through everything and get rid of it.

De-junking your yard will give you peace of mind. It’s just one thing that you won’t have to worry about anymore. And, it will look so much cleaner and appealing, not only for you but also for anyone else who can see it.

Decreased Risk of Pest Invasions

Having piles of junk in your yard also creates ideal living environments for different pests. Here are some of the critters that you may be housing outside.

  • Cockroaches: It’s amazing where these critters can live. If there is any food residue in the junk outside, it’s a pretty good bet that there will be cockroaches. And, they will soon come inside looking for more food.
  • Carpenter ants: Old wood in your yard will attract them, eventually leading the carpenter ants to the wood of your home or business. Removing water-damaged wood, for example, helps reduce the risk of encountering a carpenter ant invasion.
  • Mice: There doesn’t even need to be a food source to attract them. All of that junk just gives them a warm spot to build their nests.
  • Other vermin: Piles of junk left unattended outside also become ideal living quarters and hunting grounds for squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and other pests.

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All of that junk outside is actually a safety hazard. Not only could you injure yourself, but someone else could also be injured on your property. And you would be responsible for any medical bills that result. Most communities have fairly strict guidelines for junk piles in yards, and the local health department can actually impose fines on properties that are deemed unsafe.

De-junking your yard is a process. But, it can be done. In the end, your yard will be safe again and not be the eyesore of the neighborhood.