4 Decluttering Tips to Improve the Livability of Your Home

You are currently viewing 4 Decluttering Tips to Improve the Livability of Your Home

Spring is the time of the year when many families renew their commitment to declutter their homes. Although the task can seem daunting at the onset, a proper plan of execution can help you to achieve all of your decluttering goals. Here are four proven decluttering tips to help you to improve the livability of your home and create an atmosphere free of havoc.

Impose the One-Year Rule

Getting rid of personal items is challenging for many people, especially when the items hold sentimental value. While it is fine to hold on to select items of sentimentality, keeping everything will quickly clutter your home. When looking to declutter, ask yourself these key questions to ascertain its true value in your life.  If it is no longer providing value to you, now may be the time to put it away.

To Trash or Not to Trash?

If you cannot bear to part with your valuables forever, renting a small storage space may be a viable solution. Before moving anything into self-storage, ensure that proper precautions are taken to protect any fragile or vulnerable items. Using tools such as bubble wrap will ensure that your valuables are kept safe even when not in your possession.

Commit to 10 Minutes per Day

Once you have done the initial clutter sweep, you will need to maintain the tidiness. Committing to 10 minutes per day will be enough to keep your home free of unwanted clutter. Set aside this time during a period in which you will not be distracted or tempted to put it off until another day. For example, do not tell yourself that you will devote the time at the end of the day when you know you are more likely to just fall into bed.
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Deal With Your Paper Trail

Too much paperwork can be the death of any well-intentioned organizational system. Before you can fully deal with excess clutter, you need to control the flow of papers in and out of your house. Whether it be bills, catalogs, magazines, or legal documents, it is important that you have a system in place to store and process these papers so that they do not pile up and create messes.

Now is the time to quit making excuses for a cluttered home. Making an effort to declutter will help both your home and your life.

One of the best ways to clean up is with the help of a checklist or guide!