For aquarists, the most important and most feared step of the move is the transport of the aquarium . 100, 200, 300 liters … The more the aquarium is, the more complicated and delicate the operation. It requires as much care on the side of the movers as on yours. How to move an aquarium  ? What are the steps to be taken to ensure fish safety? What companies can carry out an aquarium move  ?


Before anything else, it is important to take you in advance in your search for movers. Why ? It is imperative to inform the company of the move of an aquarium sufficiently early so that it can predict the men and the appropriate equipment.

Search aquarium remover

The moving company will inquire about the specifics of your aquarium (size, volume of the tank, empty weight etc.) and will give you the appropriate advice for the preparation of the aquarium before the move.

It is therefore important to choose reliable and quality movers, who will carefully protect and manipulate your aquarium so that it can be re-used at the end of the move.


For your part, moving the aquarium requires much more involvement. You must start preparation well before D-Day. Here are the steps:


You must prepare the aquarium and fish 3 weeks before D-day.

Start by decreasing the amount of food given to the fish and do not clean the filter. On the other hand, you can continue to make water renewal.

During this time, you can also begin to make the necessary purchases to move the aquarium . Do them early enough not to be overwhelmed by other preparations for your move. You need :

  • Moving aquariumPlastic crates. Provide isothermal boxes if you are on a long journey. Make sure there are enough bins, depending on the number and size of your fish.
  • Jerry cans or cans. They will be filled with water from your aquarium.
  • Oxygen tablets or a pump that plugs into the cigar lighter of the car. This is to be expected if there is a long moving distance.

You can find the right equipment for your fish in specialist aquarium shops.


Prepare to move aquarium

2 days before moving the aquarium  :

  • Do not feed your fish.
  • You can also uproot plants that do not have too large roots. This will make fish fishing easier!


On the day of the move, enjoy a somewhat calmer moment to finalize the preparation of transport of the aquarium and fish.

  • Unplug the equipment from the aquarium: filter, pump …
  • Preparation for aquariumSiphon the water that you will transfer to the transport crates. Keep the rest in the jerry cans. Leave enough water for the survival of the fish the time you catch them.
  • You can now fish your fish. Then place them in the boxes you had planned with aquarium water and an oxygen seal or pump.
  • When there are no fish left, uproot the plants, remove the sand and nutrient soil you can conserve.

Movers can not transport animals. You will need to take the fish in your vehicle. This will allow you to take every precaution so that they are not too shaken by the path and ensure the correct temperature of the water by adjusting the heating in function.

Replace your aquarium as soon as possible on arrival in your new home and prepare it so that the fish stay out of their tank for the shortest time. Wait 2 days before feeding your fish again. And do not hesitate to inquire at your specialist store for more details.


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