How do you clean up after hoarding?

Surrounding yourself with items of useful and sentimental value is understandable. Collections of items may be numerous, but categorized taken care of. When it impacts life to the point of being a health hazard, action needs to be taken.

It’s important to be sensitive to the person who hoards, and get them help. According to the Mayo Clinic, hoarding is the difficulty in parting with items based on a perceived need to hold on to them.

If the accumulation of stuff gets to the point where there are trails and otherwise unsafe environment, then it is time to call the health department or other government agency. If someone you know appears to have a hoarding problem and lives in Multnomah County, local government has a list:

Then comes the cleanup, which can be overwhelming. Where to start?

Here is an example of an action plan:

Sorting of recoverable and non-recoverable house contents.
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Disposal of non-recoverable contents.

Removal of floor coverings if needed.

If you are facing a hoarding situation and need help, call Junk It Junk Removal today.

By Michelle Walch

“Michelle is a healthcare copywriter, published author, and plays theremin.  Visit her website