How to organize your kitchen- Organize before calling for Junk Removal-503-256-6276

Before you call Junk it to haul away your debris, try a little organizing  first. That way you will take full advantage of our services, making sure you have evaluated what you want to keep and what you would like us to haul away. Junk Removal is an important step in organizing your home, but there are many other things that can be done to help organize. Just one way is organizing your Kitchen. Please enjoy “How to organize your kitchen”.  

Junk Removal Kitchen Clean out
With a little organizing you kitchen will be sparkling clean

 Broken, dirty, expired…what’s taking up room in your kitchen?

 Does your room have pots and pans in disarray, plastic storage lids stuffed in cabinets with no matching bottoms to be found, and a storage room jam-packed with canned food that expired  last year?

 If this sounds only too similar to your Kitchen, then you recognize it’s time to take actions and tackle the mess.  Before you start, clear the counters, empty the dishwasher and fill the sink with hot cleansing agent and  water (this can provide a fast clean-up  for those soiled, dirty things you’re certain to come upon throughout your cleaning).

When it involves keeping pots, pans and other clutter under control, roll-out drawers will save the day! Since many cupboards are also deep, it may be tough to locate t things when you really need them. This handy storage resolution can keep your counters clean and permit you to simply and quickly retrieve what you need. tiny appliances and small utensils that always get hidden within the back of deep cupboards.

 Watch out for the infamous (and very common) junk drawer!  One of the  hardest  spaces to keep  organized.  Expandable dividers or clear plastic organizers work well to keep these drawers neat and tidy. Just, separate  things in line with their use; for instance, keep your barbeque utensils in one space and your everyday utensils in another. This will help you be able to  better to organize things by size, what/when you use then– it’s up to you!

 Next we will talk about storing ingredients. Here’s an easy idea: store often used ingredients like flour and sugar in clear plastic or glass containers thus it’s easier to check what you’v got. place the containers on open shelves close to where you main working station.

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 And there you got it! straightforward and smart solutions to assist you in clearing your room.

With a little organizing you kitchen will be sparkling clean

 If you still find you are lacking space feel free to call us, Junk It Junk Removal at 503-256-6276. We would be happy to remove any items.