How to Save on Moving Costs

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If you plan carefully, moving doesn’t have to be expensive. You can sell or donate things you no longer need. These sales can be used to lower the cost of your move. As you sort, you can pack up so moving day will be easier.

Pack Up Yourself

If you work in an office, let people know you’re moving and ask for paper boxes. These are great for stacking your belongings, and they can build an even base in the moving vehicle. Visit your local liquor store and grocery stores for free boxes. Be sure to check on social media as well because a friend who has just moved will likely be happy to give you boxes. Use your linens to wrap fragile items instead of buying bubble wrap. You can also use your suitcases. In addition to a change of clothes, pack a set of sheets, toiletries, towels and your pillow. No matter how long your moving day is, you can take a shower and make your bed that night.

Toss Your Junk

Sort as you pack. Discard or sell clothes that no longer fit. Hire a junk removal company to haul off worn-out furniture. Donate duplicate or surplus kitchen tools to a family shelter. Only move things you really want in your new house and get rid of the rest of it. Paring down will save you stress and money. If you don’t have a lot of possessions to move, renting a pickup truck instead of a moving van has many benefits. Be ready to invest in plastic or tarps to keep your belongings free of dust and moisture. Use tie-downs and ratchet straps to hold your belongings in place.

Timing Is Key

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Moving is a great excuse for paring down your belongings. If you find a box in your current house that you’ve never opened, just get rid of it. The more you stash away, the more you’ll have to move next time. You can load the truck with confidence, knowing that everything you take to your new home is something you truly value and want to make room for.

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