Junk Haulers Guide to the Universe Part 1

Being a junk hauler  in Portland Oregon is an amazing thing. Who would have ever thought that hauling away old mattresses, couches and other “junk” would be so interesting.

Have you ever wondered what we do after we pick up “junk”? Please read below for a little more information on how we deal with the junk we haul away?


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When you think of junk hauling, you probably think of people who will dig through your belongings for scrap metal without regard, leaving you with more of a mess than you began with. However, professional junk hauling helps change lives. When Junk It was founded, we did not realize how amazing our job would end up. We were hauling away more than old furniture and garbage; we were hauling away a burden. We were hauling away depression. We were changing people’s lives.


Many of our clients become attached to their belongings and care about how their personal effects will be treated in their afterlife. Junk It recycles and donates what items we can, utilizing landfills as a last resort. To learn more about what we do with the items we haul, please read below.



One of the most frequently hauled items amongst junk haulers is clothing. Every person owns clothes, often more than they would wear. While clothing donation and resell is relatively accessible, many people do not have time to go through all their articles of clothing, bag up unwanted items, and take them to a donation or resell center. Those that attempt to often forget about the bagged items, leaving piles of unused clothing accumulating in a dark corner. Junk It takes away the guilt of throwing out usable clothing by donating to local charities on your behalf. We do not sort through wet garbage or items that can be reasonable construed as unsanitary. If porous items are mixed with unsanitary items, we are unable to donate them for public safety purposes. However, we can still haul away clothing that is not usable.



Furniture can be one of the trickiest items for you to remove and donate. When Junk It hauls away furniture, we inspect each item for safety and usability. Furniture items that are free of odors, mold, and major rips, tears, or stains can be donated on your behalf. Items that cannot be donated are often dropped off at a recycling center. This keeps most furniture items we haul away out of a landfill. While our overhead costs are slightly higher to recycle items, we do not charge our clients anything additional. As a locally owned business, we care about preserving our environment and are willing to absorb to small additional cost to do our share.



All wet garbage unfortunately must be taken to a landfill. Wet garbage includes items that are porous and have been soaked with liquids. An example is regular kitchen garbage when paper towels get mixed with food scraps and other items. We are not able to sort this sanitarily, so these items cannot be reused or recycled. Many of our jobs have a mixture of wet and dry garbage. When this is the case, our trained professionals do their personal best to sort through