Cheap Junk Removal Can Lead to = Illegal Dumping and Dangerous Freon Release

Be careful when looking for free junk removal or paying barely above the cost of what it would cost you to dump it yourself.

We sometimes get calls asking if we provide free junk removal. I don’t blame them, I am a bargain hunter myself. Just remember that most free things are not really ever free. If someone offers to remove your freezer or refrigerator for free, please be cautious. If the price is just a little above what it would cost in dump fee’s beware that the items may get disposed of illegally.

Yes. Someone may pick up your old freezer or refrigerator for free. They can tear it apart and scrap the copper and other metal. What you may not know is the majority of these scrappers are letting dangerous Freon into our atmosphere. The only way to get top dollar prices for the copper is to cut it out of the appliance.

Illegal dumping is wrong you can also incur significant fines. What if you hire someone to haul away that old couch, refrigerator or other garbage and they improperly dispose of your junk? Can you be held responsible? The answer is yes.

If you hire someone for junk removal services who illegally dumps your “junk” you can be held responsible. The website says:

“Be Careful Who You Hire

If you hire someone to haul away your “junk,” you are responsible if it is dumped illegally. You could be charged clean-up costs and a fine. If you do hire someone other than your garbage hauler, be sure you have a receipt with name, address, telephone number and vehicle license number.”

Need Help Finding Junk Removal Options? 

Before you make the wrong decision on how to dispose of your waste, contact us today, we’ll help you find the right solution.

Junk It Junk Removal provides the Portland metro area with responsible junk removal. We understand what can be recycled and what can’t. Furniture disposal, appliance recycling, old mattress removal, almost any item can be recycled. Old Mattress can be stripped, allowing the old wood and metal springs to be reused. Don’t have the time to bring your still usable item to the donation center? Let us haul it away, we donate as much we can. No need to feel guilty we will not through away any usable items. Not only is it wrong, it also allows us to provide low-cost junk removal services throughout the Portland, Oregon area. That is a win-win for everyone.

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Improper junk removal causes serious problem for the environment
Improper junk removal causes serious problem for the environment

Call us at 503- 256- 6276 anytime we are glad to pick up your trash, provide bulk trash pick up. Why wait for garbage day, and still not get rid of those big hard to move items you want to be hauled away.