Fast and Easy Real Estate Junk Removal

We provide Real Estate Junk Removal services for real estate agents and their clients. We are locally owned and operated so we are proud to serve the Portland Oregon metro area.

Clutter is one of the largest, most avoidable hindrances to selling a home. If your client has broken items, unsightly items, and unwanted junk piling up around their home, your ability to sell could be impacted. Junk It us here to help you remove this unsightly rubbish that will affect your sales and your clients’ happiness.

We provide labor, transportation, and legal disposal to get your home ready for the market quickly and affordable prices.

Our real estate partners are able to sell their listings faster than competitors. Here’s why:

Benefits to Real Estate Agents:

Benefits to Homeowners:

we reduce the stress of cleaning the mess

Real Estate Junk Remova Portland and Lake Oswego

Call (503) 256-6276 for an instant quote.

Our special real estate junk removal service provides real estate agents with a feature that buyers, sellers, and your agency will love.

If you would like to sell your home quickly, call Junk It at (503) 256-6267. Our team can remove most items found in your home or office.

All items are recycled, donated, or properly disposed of in a landfill. Unfortunately, we cannot provide removal of some hazardous waste material.

Our costs are based on the volume of material to be removed. Some of our repeat customers include agents, apartment managers, commercial and residential property managers, store and building owners and managers, hotels, churches, homeowners and renters, businesses, municipalities, and other organizations. In addition to our quick and affordable service, we offer several benefits to both agents and homeowners

What We Collect

Debris removal includes:

Household removal includes:

Expeditious, safe, and courteous debris removal and site clearing.

Why Choose Us

Fully licensed and insured

Convenient Payment Options

Safe and Responsible Disposal

Fast Friendly Service

Locally owned and operated

How it Works


Book online or call for an instant quote

Junk It Junk Removal has several contact options. You can call us, book online or send us an email. We understand that each customer has their preferred contact method. 


Schedule your appointment

Use our online booking tool for straightforward jobs or call us to coordinate more complicated jobs. 


We come remove your junk

We call 30 minutes before we arrive. Our team will arrive follow your instructions on what needs to be removed. We come equip with tools we need for the job. We than either dispose, reused or recycled your items.