3 Tips for Making a Construction Cleanup Go as Quickly as Possible

You are currently viewing 3 Tips for Making a Construction Cleanup Go as Quickly as Possible

If you’ve recently undergone a big renovation project at your home, the wrap-up can take time. You may still have clutter and debris that needs to be removed. To keep things tidy and get trash hauled off as soon as possible, you may have to bring in some professional assistance.

Organize Your Junk

If you’re done with a major construction effort and you have any material scraps to get rid of, find a spot outside the house to store them. Renovations are stressful enough without having to work around things you need to discard. Make this spot easy to get to but far enough out of the way that you’re not tripping over it every time you enter or exit your house. While you’re tidying up after a renovation, carefully review your garage, basement and other storage areas for any other junk that needs to be hauled away. You might as well get rid of it all at once.

Get Some Space

Once you designate the spot for your scrap material and junk, make sure your junk haulers will be able to drive up and remove it efficiently. There are mats that roofers sometimes employ to cover foundation plantings. These mats stabilize the soil and spread the weight of heavy machinery. The same mats used for ground protection can be used to make an impromptu road. Call your junk hauler and let them know the best way to get to the things you need to have hauled off.
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Don’t Wait

Give your construction cleanup crew a fighting chance and have them come out as soon as you’ve got the junk collected. Don’t mow around it for the summer and expect your junk haulers to claw their way through the jungle to scoop everything up. Rodents and insect pests love junk piles. Work out a hauling rate for your cleanup crew and get that debris taken away. Check out the junk hauling businesses in your area and look for a crew who will handle your assignment the way you want it done. If you’d like to have things broken down and recycled, sort through everything as you stack it so that the removal chore will be easier to manage.

Once all this stuff is out of your house, it can be easy to overlook the last step in the process. However, by working with a good hauling crew, you can get the renovation debris picked up safely and quickly right after the project is done. Then, you can enjoy both a newly renovated home and a tidy yard.