You’re ready to replace your washing machine, but as you finalize the purchase, you realize your old machine is too big and bulky to keep in the garage. Now you’re starting to question what to do with your old washing machine. 

Can you call your trash company and put it on the curb on trash day? Or do you have to schedule an appointment with a removal service? 

Either way, you want to find the most convenient way to get rid of your old washer so you can start using your new and improved one. 

Continue reading to learn what to consider when deciding how to get rid of an old washing machine and the easiest way to do it. 

how to dispose old washing machine

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The Basics of Washing Machine Removal

You’ve scoured the internet for ways to get rid of your washing machine, but the search engines aren’t providing you with the guidance you were hoping for. Are there rules you need to be aware of? 

Does your local municipality require you to go about disposing of your machine a certain way? 

If the washing machine is still in good, working condition, you may want to look into selling it on an online yard sale website or donating it to a local charity. 

If the machine isn’t in working condition, and you just want it out of your home, you may have several options, such as: 

  • Your trash company removing it on trash day
  • Renting out a dumpster and finding a few strong friends to help you remove it from your home
  • Hauling it to your recycling center
  • Contacting Junk It Junk Removal in Portland to let our team take care of the hard stuff 

3 FAQs About Washing Machine Removal

#1: How Do I Prepare My Washing Machine for Proper Disposal?

Prepping your washing machine for disposal is relatively easy but does require a bit of heavy lifting. After you’ve unplugged your washing machine, you’ll want to drain it. 

To avoid a mess throughout your home, you must start by draining any hoses and the washing machine itself. Once you unhook the hoses from the wall, be prepared for a bit of flowing water. 

We recommend having a bucket ready when you remove the hoses from the wall and holding the hoses upright until you can get the washer somewhere — like outside or in your garage — to let the water flow out of both the hoses and the machine. 

#2: Is it Worth Scrapping a Washing Machine?

It isn’t uncommon for people getting rid of washing machines to try to scrap them, although depending on your expectations, it may or may not be worth trying to scrap.  

Although heavy and containing a large amount of metal, if you choose to scrap your old washing machine, it’s important to note that people generally only receive between $7-12 dollars for them. 

#3: Can I Recycle My Old Washer?

Yes, you can recycle your old washing machine, but it will require you to: 

  • Disassemble the machine per the recycling company’s requirements


  • Haul the dryer to your recycling facility

In Oregon, residents are required to recycle all appliances by law and there are a set of standards in place to ensure residents reduce the environmental impact of getting rid of appliances, like old washing machines. 

Instead of stressing over what to do with your old washing machine or wondering if you’re doing it correctly, let the Junk It Junk Removal professionals take care of it for you. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and always compliant with appliance disposal laws. 

Let Junk It Take Your Worries Away by Removing Your Old Washing Machine for You

Getting rid of old appliances can feel like a big hassle. Instead of stressing over how to do it and where you will store it until you can get it out of your house, let our team take care of it safely and easily. 

We understand the difficulties and laws involved in removing appliances, like your washing machine, and take care to remove and dispose of it properly. 

Don’t break your back, or your bank account, trying to remove your old washing machine from your home. Contact us today for a free estimate — we’re happy to help you remove your washing machine and other appliances with little to no stress.