Want a Rustic Home Look? Use These Old Renovation Materials You Have Around Your House

Trash or treasure? It depends on the beholder, particularly if the items in question are your trash. The truth is the junk you so badly want to get rid of can be repurposed and turned into some cool pieces for your home. If you’re planning on hauling some junk away, but are intrigued by how you might be able to give it a new life, here are three “junky” materials you should save.


Old wire plays a big role in rustic decorating. String some between two screws to create a display of photos; just hook the photos onto the wire. You can additionally use it to create lighting. Cottage Life suggests gathering Mason jars or vintage lanterns for some nice lighting. Place candles in the lanterns or use the jars to create glass bulbs for jar chandeliers. Then, use the wire to hang the lights from the ceiling or door jambs.


Old Mill Brick suggests creating a cozy living room with an exposed brick accent wall or a fresh new layer of brick around your fireplace. Create a rustic farmhouse kitchen with a brick backsplash, or wrap your whole kitchen island in brick for some beautiful contrast. It’s also possible to make smaller, more decorative pieces from the bricks. For example, you could take a single brick and place candles or plants on it to create a display for a corner of the fireplace.

Distressed Wood

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Not all junk is created equal. Some of the stuff you’re thinking about throwing away can actually get a new life if you repurpose it. Materials, like wire, old brick, or distressed wood can become the building blocks for new treasures. Reuse these items to create elegant lamps, comfy chairs, and other items. 

For the items you do end up wanting to throw away, let Junk Removal Portland take care of it for you. Contact us to get a free quote!